Importing Cosmetics/Logistics Processing Work

Solution 1 by Staffs

We do everything on behalf of you, including packaging, distribution processing, warehousing, and delivery.

We have obtained “Authorization of Cosmetic Manufacturing” and “Authorization of Quasi-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing” (packing, labeling and storage). We can now carry out “cosmetics quality inspection, labeling in accordance with pharmaceutical laws” as well as “preparation of free samples and promotional gift set” which consist a violation of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act if done in a warehouse with no authorization. This means that we have developed a system which can handle the whole logistics operations throughout. You can now totally depend on us with no worry.

Solution 2 by Staffs

We carry out high quality operations in a clean room with advanced equipment.

We first go through an air shower before entering operation areas, and only after going through the air shower we carry out our operations under the completely sealed hygienic environment. We made it possible to carry out accurate and effective operations, which include packaging unique-shaped items by use of a “Hot air blowing shrinker,” inspection of items by use of a high accuracy “Weight checker,” and lot number printing by use of an advanced printer.

Solution 3 by Staffs

We support smooth sales of imported products in Japan in accordance with the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act.

We fully support preparation of back side labels in Japanese including ingredients and translation of pamphlets of foreign countries in accordance with the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act. Since we are located in the central part of Japan and also near Nagoya port, we have an advantage of location to deliver your products throughout Japan as well as Hokkaido and Okinawa. We handle various services, such as notification of cosmetics in competent authorities, import custom clearance, and logistics service throughout Japan.

We are always ready to support you with our excellent facilities and system.

“Our reliable high quality services” is the most proudful point for us.

  • We can deliver on any date you want.

    You may be able to manufacture the goods requested all of a sudden by your customers, but you don’t have enough time to finish the goods. Under the circumstances, we can handle the situation and make sure that you will never miss the business chance.

  • We can deal with even a small amount of order.

    You may think that you don’t have enough amount to order or outsource.
    In such cases, please rely on us since we do our best to handle even a small amount of order.

  • Our delivery is made by our own reliable cargo trucks.

    We believe that we are the one who take the whole responsibility. This is why we pick up your cargoes and deliver them all by our own cargo trucks.

  • You can leave it to us to prepare all the materials needed for packaging and delivery.

    We can reduce your workload since we can handle your receiving work and at the same time we can prepare all the materials needed for packaging and delivery.

Processing Services

Our company’s goal is to become your best partner in providing logistics services for cosmetics.
We can meet your needs in a timely manner and contribute to your business efficiency by carrying out packaging of cosmetics, distribution processing, warehousing, and logistics operations on behalf of you.

We have obtained authorizations of cosmetic manufacturing and sales (packaging, labeling, storage)
We have obtained authorizations of quasi-pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales (packaging, labeling, storage)
We carry out inspection of cosmetics, pharmaceutical labeling, preparation of free samples and promotional gift set in accordance with the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (former Pharmaceutical Affairs Law). If such works are done in a warehouse with no authorization, it will be a violation of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act. Therefore, please contact us for such works.
We are fully equipped with a clean room.
There is almost no risk of external material contamination because we work under completely sealed hygienic environment after going through the air shower.
We have installed the latest model of shrinker machine.
The hot air blowing shrinker machine called “TORNADO” that creates a tornado effect by hot air from 4 directions , which is well known among the packaging industries, enables us to package unique-shaped items or easy-to-melt items such as chocolate which were difficult to package by means of former hot air or steam blowing method.
We accept your order even if only printing.
We use an inkjet printer manufactured by Keyence Corporation and we have never failed the print quality test conducted by the print quality testing machine with an image sensor. The printer prints expire date, lot number, raw materials, serial number, and item control number on the product.
Inspection operations which ensure the efficiency and reliability.
Since we now use the weight checker made by Ishida Company which made it possible to weigh with the highest accuracy in the industry, we can remove the nonstandard items efficiently. When we carry out inspection for products such as apparel products, we ensure the safety of individual product by using a needle detector.
We handle packaging and assembling of items other than cosmetics.
We can handle your request of labor-intensive tedious works such as assembling of various kinds of sets other than cosmetics, paper folding works, assembling of large-sized paper furniture for sales promotion products at a reasonable cost realized by our optimum cost performance including utilization of home workers.
Our low-cost logistics system which makes the best use of geographical advantage of Nagoya
Since we use our own warehouse at Nagoya, our warehousing cost is also reasonable. Individual delivery cost from Nagoya is inexpensive because it is geographically located in the central part of Japan. In case of importing cosmetics, we can keep the logistics cost relatively low because of close proximity to Nagoya port.

Importing cosmetics

In the current era, we can go on a trip abroad and find a lot of interesting cosmetics overseas.
If you want to sell foreign cosmetics in Japan, we are more than happy to support you in every respect.
Because you shall recognize that you have to know much about the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act.
You are requested to translate the legally required information into Japanese and paste it on the reverse side of the product for the sake of the consumer in accordance with the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act.
You are also required to translate the overseas pamphlet in accordance with the same Act.
We will take care of all the troublesome works as stated above for you, and make it possible for you to sell imported cosmetics in Japan in a short period of time through our total support.
Since we are located near Nagoya port, the warehousing cost is relatively inexpensive. On top of that, Nagoya is located near the center of Japan, which means that we are conveniently located for individual delivery to all over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
We handle various services, such as import notification of cosmetics, import custom clearance, and logistics service throughout Japan.

Workflow of agency services for importing cosmetics

Confirmation of ingredients
We confirm the prescription and analyze the ingredients to make sure that the product conforms to the Japanese standard of cosmetics. We translate all the ingredients into Japanese.
Brand Check
If the trade mark right is not registered, we will ask our patent attorney to register the trade mark on behalf of you.
Notification of Cosmetics
We submit a notification of foreign cosmetics manufacturers as well as a notification of cosmetics manufacturing and sales to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Preparation for logistics processing
We make suggestions as to the design of the reverse side and the wording of the Japanese back label. If you have any difficulty in setting up a Jan code or a contact telephone number for inquiry, we will do the necessary works on behalf of you.
Procedure of import custom clearance
We obtain necessary documents from the factory of exporting country since we need safety information about the cosmetics.
Supervising your web site content and brochure
After translating into Japanese, we check your expressions about regulations in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act, and we make editorial supervision and correction if necessary
Storing, Labeling, and Stock control
We can store the goods you imported in our warehouse, and we can also do labelling on the back side of the products.
We can make delivery arrangements not only to a large-scale distribution warehouse but also to your individual customer.

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