Interview with our customer  The third interview  Mr. Hoshi Kousuke Creator  AFLOAT RUVUA

Interview with our customer The third interview Mr. Hoshi Kousuke Creator AFLOAT RUVUA

After working at AFLOAT Ginza and Omotesando salons, he has been working for AFLOAT Ruvua from its opening as a popular hair artist. He debuted as a stylist, upon performing the posts as a team leader leading the assistants and serving as an assistant to Mr. Hiroki Miyamura. He is playing an important role such as participating in an international seminar as an instructor.


What is the feature of the Afloat Ruvua?

There are many Afloat group shops. Alfoat Ruvua is making a strong effort in hair coloring in particular among them. Recently, some customers visit us just to color their hairs.


What type of customers get their hairs colored?

Various type of customers get their hairs colored. As for our shop located in Shinjuku, we have many male customers. This is one of the features of Afloat Ruvua. About 10 percent of the customers are men at other Afloat shops. Here, about 30 percent are male customers and the majority colors their hairs.


What type of color do customers request now?

Rather than as a seasonal trend, more people tend to choose ash or cool colors during warm periods. Also, there are many people who enjoy matching colors to the season and their feeling of the moment. In addition, due to the increase in the types of coloring agents, we have received detail requests from our customers such as for the beige color with touch of ash or red.


Are there any changes to the customer’s needs?

Previously, customers used to request bright color and complex impression for their streaked hair. But, now, they request to run highlights and lowlights of slightly different colors or intensity for a more natural color finishes. Also, ten years ago, customers were interested in just coloring. But, now, they are more interested in "soft" and "translucent" coloring.


Does it mean the level of what the customer seeks has gone up?

Customers were getting information from magazines then, but with the introduction of hair catalogs and sites, more people are now able to view more hairstyles. Furthermore, due to the popularization of the SNS, hairdressers have become able to transmit their hair styles. Consequently, this has also increased the time the customers think about their own hairstyles on a daily basis. This is the biggest change.

How many types of hair color agent do you have?

Generally, we have limited to provide coloring agents of 2 companies, but at AFLOAT RUVUA, we provide coloring agents from 4 or 5 manufacturers which are quite a lot. The characteristics differ slightly with manufacturers and their coloring agents. We blend the agents in accordance to the mood and taste of the customer. We also can create hundreds and thousands of patterns and the accuracy of reproduction is high. We not only handle varying types of colors, but we also have less scented and less damaging to hair, coloring agents.


Do you have something specific that you are careful when applying hair colors?

Even if the customer says, “I want it in ash color,” I keep in-mind to never reply instantly “Yes as you wish.” How a color looks differs with people. There are also differences in recognition. It is most important to gain the trust and ease of mind with the customer through the process of mutually verifying the process gained from conducting an earnest counseling. To convey the image to the customer when the color fades and to think up to when they color next are important.


How do you usually use the color chart?

For the customers who have not decided on which colors, I sometimes show the color chart as a sample idea. Because the gray hairs, or the black hairs for that matter, of the chart are dyed, the same color does not result with customer’s hair even if you formulate a color using the same coloring agent. To humbly explain it thoroughly is also the duty of a beautician.


What is the attractive point of the Staffs' color chart?

Since it is dyed neatly hair by hair, I think it is easier for the customers to image. Furthermore, since there are no variances in the color of the bundles, we as beautician can rest assured to select a color agent to formulate. If there are opportunities in the future to work together, I would like to make a detachable color chart with long hair bundles so the customers can better image the finishing result.



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