Interview with our customer  The second interview  Ms. Kanako Hori, Belle Omotesando

Interview with our customer The second interview Ms. Kanako Hori, Belle Omotesando

What type of customers have their hairs colored?

That depends. Working people prefer mainly dark tone. But there are many people working the apparel related area, so some of them prefer high tone. The atmosphere of our shop is soft, and the hair styles on our website are also soft. So many customers visit us expecting the soft and feminine image.


Do you see any big trend over the last several years?

From vivid colors to high tones are all available thus far. So, I don't see any particular trend right now. Until a short while ago, some customers asked us, "What is the latest trend?" But such cases are decreasing today.


Do you see any changes in the customer’s needs?

I think customers select the color like, "Which color looks good on me?" and, also, they select it depending on their mood and motivation.


What percent of the customers color their hairs?

In our shop Belle, we apply hair colors to about 50% of the total customers. We suggest that customers color their hairs at a shop than at home. Because, we can provide them with the most reliable advice for their hair problems and characteristics. In case of home coloring, the colored tips and newly growing roots of hair are dyed with a single hair color agent, so the damage and loss of color differ from the part of the hair.

What are you concerned about when you apply hair color?

For example, even if some customers bring clippings or photos with them, I don't apply the exact same color. Since the actually applied hair color sometimes have different image from the color in the photo. If the color looks good on the customer, it's all right.
But, if the color does not look good, I delicately adjust the color agent to get a more suitable color. We understand the required nuance through the customer's style reference and conversation and we blend the most suitable color based on the information. So, it is most important for us to do counseling with our customers.


I hear that you have a lot of special coloring agents here.

Yes, perhaps it is a lot for this size of salon,
We have altogether 200-300 kinds types of coloring agents altogether.
Ash (color) maybe ash (color) but since the color differ slightly with manufacturers, we offer the best suggestion to our customers that matches their hair type and facial features.
Since the customer needs differs depending on the area such as at Omotesando or at Ginza, each shop have their own (sets of products / product lineup).


How do you use the color chart?

At Belle, rather than using the chart only to show to the customers for selecting colors, we hair stylist use it primarily to choose the coloring agents or use it to verify the characteristics of each color.
It is an important measuring process to image the final finishes as we contemplate whether to use this color or to use this color and mix it for this type of hair etc.
It is also important how truly we can recreate the actual color to the color of the chart with the selected agent.


Mr. Hori, this time, I hear that you were involved in the creation of the color charts.

Yes, it is true. When I was selecting color bundles of Staffs' product, I really fell in love with their hair bundles. Yes. Since redness appears after coloring for Japanese hair, we have developed a new coloring agent that completely gets rid of the redness. Once the coloring agent process is completed, we next go into creating a color chart. While selecting the hair bundles, I fell in love with the STAFF’s hair bundles. Thus, given the opportunity this time to work together.


What are the procedures involved until the color chart is completed?

When a human hair is dyed to the chart, exposed to oxygen will lighten and fade with time. So, we replace it with a nylon hair bundles to do a meticulously intricate work in-search for hairs which show the original color of the agent hair by hair among 5,000 hair samples. The charts cannot differ in general since it is the base we stylist work from. So it requires very careful work. This time, since the STAFF’s have prepared so many colors, I think we were able to reproduce the true color of the coloring agents.


What are the attractive points of Staff’s products?

The variation of the color as well, but compared to other domestic or international manufacturer’s products, the height of the quality is absolutely different. Despite many companies blend the hair bundles with several types of hair, STAFF’s dye the hair bundles to uniform color, so it is easier to see the original color of the coloring agent. In addition, we are grateful for the harsh texture, the lustrous texture and in regards to the abundance of materials.


Is there anything that you would like to request Staffs in the future?

I worked with Sfaffs to invent the color chart through trial and error as I wanted to create a color chart which makes hair stylists delighted when the store opens. I requested Staffs to invent a spring-type chart to add some materials instead of a binding type. They kindly responded to my detailed requirement and we could complete the ideal chart book. So I am glad that the hair stylists throughout the country will get them soon. If I could have a chance to work with Staffs again, I would like to invent a chart book which has a pocket inside the front cover and would like to care much about the parts as well.

Belle Omotosando

Belle Omotosando

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