Interview with our customer The fourth interview  Hiroko Ando Colorist natal hair design

Interview with our customer The fourth interview Hiroko Ando Colorist natal hair design

Could you please tell us the key features of natal hair design?

We, at natal hair design, aim to be "a hair salon that provides service to three generations of customers." One of the major features of natal hair design is that we provide service to a wide range of customers, regardless of their age and fashion, including wives and husbands, children and grandparents.


What are your thoughts on family members going to the same hair salon?

Hair quality problems are often inherited. Mothers and daughters tend to have common hair conditions and hair quality problems. Their grandmothers also have the same hair problems in most cases. We hope that customers can talk about their hair troubles with us easily.


What kind of customers color their hair?

Some customers who have visited us since they were children have colored their hair when they graduated from high school. Housewives whose children have grown up and have sufficient time color their hair. Customers with gray hair also visit us for coloring. The situation regarding coloring remains unchanged.


Have there been any changes in terms of hair color agents during the last decade?

The smell and irritation of hair color agents have improved dramatically in the past 10 to 20 years, which has made it easy for hairstylists to recommend hair coloring to customers. Many of our customers who pay attention to their fashion and appearance visit us once every two weeks for maintenance. For frequent customers, we consider the effect on their hair, and have a wide variety of color agents that have less irritation and damaging effects.


We heard that natal hair design has many male customers.

Male customers, depending on their occupation and lifestyle, have different individual needs. While female customers tend to enjoy the time of changing their appearance, male customers seek "short time, good skill, and low price." For such male customers, natal hair design has adopted various plans like the introduction of quick 5-minute coloring agents.


What things do you need to pay attention to when coloring men's hair?

For customers who wear suits, we use anti-fading agents as much as possible because hair color fading makes them look cheap. Some male customers worry about hair loss from coloring, and we explicitly explain that coloring is not harmful.

What hair colors have been popular in recent years?

The recent trend is bright and vivid colors. When bright and vivid colors became popular in the past, high-tone coloring caused damage, and subdued hair colors became popular afterward. Now there is a trend toward bright and vivid colors again. There is an increased variety of color agents, which offers improved reproducibility and less damage. Customers can try hair color more casually than before.


What do you consider for hair treatment?

Every manufacturer's color agents offer beautiful finish on the day they are used. We do not focus on just that day. It is important that the hair and fading conditions after two to three months look like what we had imagined. When customers come back the next time, we check the results. If the hair is damaged, we make new suggestions, for instance a change of color agents and careful hair treatment.

Are there any regional trends?

Recently only a few people in Tokyo seem to be interested, however, in Nagoya, sometimes people ask us, "What are the latest trends?" People in Nagoya may be focusing on popular trends rather than their own personality. Many customers like to get popular hair colors and styles.


How do you use a color chart?

To begin with, we use a hair level scale to show customers their current hair condition. Then we ask what hair style they want. The image after treatment shall be shared through the use of pictures, and a color chart is used for final fine adjustment and confirmation.


What is the appeal of STAFFS’ color chart?

I heard that STAFFS' hair bundles are dyed with a single color, while many other manufacturers' hair bundles are dyed with multiple colors. STAFFS' hair bundles have distinctively beautiful colors, high quality hair, and an excellent shiny finish. It is an exciting color chart that makes you want to dye your hair.

natal hair design

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