Product List of Hair Bundle for Test

Product List of Hair Bundle for Test

Standard Specifications (1g10cm)

Product Name
Product Details
Black Hair
Human Black Hair
Chinese Hair 100%
Gray Hair 100%
Human Gray Hair 100% (natural hair)
Chinese Hair 100%
Bundle human black hair
It is processed with high (concentration) bleach until the color turns light yellow.
Animal Hair
Yak Hair
Fluffy Yak hair with a frizz. It is whiter than a goat’s hair.
Goat Hair
Straight and more yellowish than Yak hair.
Bleached Hair
Dark Brown
Equivalent to 8Lv JHCA Level Scale
Medium Brown
Equivalent to 10Lv JHCA Level Scale
Equivalent to 14Lv JHCA Level Scale
Light Brown
Equivalent to 15LvJHCA Level Scale
Bleached Hair
Equivalent to 7Lv JHCA Level Scale
Equivalent to 12Lv JHCA Level Scale
Equivalent to 13Lv JHCA Level Scale
Mixed with Human Black and Gray Hairs
Mixed with 10% Yak Hair
30% Mixed Yak Hair
50% Mixed Yak Hair
70% Mixed Yak Hair
10% Mixed Human Gray Hair
30% Mixed Human Gray Hair
50% Mixed Human Gray Hair
70% Mixed Human Gray Hair

Special Order Product/s

Special Order Product/s
We are adept at fulfilling your orders with various lengths and thickness of hair such as 1g20cm, 3g15cm, 10g30cm, etc. Please feel free to inquire for special orders. Delivery to the customer is approximately within 2~3 weeks after receipt of your order.
Sewing Machine Processed (Hair bundle)
We also make sewing machine processed hair bundle.

Please contact us by using our inquiry form regarding the hair bundles and orders.

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